Monday, March 09, 2009

Help in finding CPA exam review materials

Some students are apparently having trouble locating the most recent review materials to help them prepare for the various sections of the CPA exam. Since 2004, the exam has been given only at designated computer centers. There are four sections to the exam, and students register for the section or sections that they want to undertake.

The review materials are cataloged as serial records. Listed below are the materials that we own and students can use. These materials are kept in reserve. (Some vendors, such as Becker, Gleim and other offer review courses, which are not available through the library.)

Series: Wiley CPA exam review 2009
--this has four separate title entries for each individual review guide.

Auditing and Attestation HF 5661.C675 2009 2nd floor Reserves
Business Environment & Concepts HF 5661.c7230 2nd floor Reserves
Financial Accounting & Reporting HF 5661.C669 2009 2nd floor Reserves
Regulation HF 5661.C670 2009 Reserves

Wiley CPA exam review Fast Track--one volume, has materials on all four sections of the exam, but not as detailed as the individual volumes.
HF 5661 W 49 2008 2nd Floor Reserves

Wiley CPA exam How to master simulations HF 5661 W49 2008 2nd floor Reserves

For some parts of the exam, students need to identify sections of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) (available electronically) to answer some questions. This book helps students prepare for these questions.

Wiley CPA exam review focus notes--also available in four separate titles. These are similar to detailed flash cards that are bound together in a spiral bound book.

Accounting and Attestation HF 5661 .A54 2008 2nd floor Reserves
Business Environment and Concepts HF5661 .A56 2008 2nd floor Reserves
Financial accounting and reporting HF 5661.A57 2008 2nd floor Reserves
Regulation HF5661 .A58 2008 2nd floor REserves

2 copies of Computer file available from Wiley:

Whittington, Ray, 1948-:
Wiley CPA exam review practice software 13.0[electronic resource] : complete set /
New York : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2008].

1 CD-ROMs ; 4 3/4 in.
Baruch Media - Reserve 2nd Floor - Computer file 240

The two copies of this software are available for one day loan. (The newest edition, available this month, is be ordered.) This "complete set" includes provides hundreds of multiple choice questions and solutions and includes AICPA simulation questions. In addition, guidelines, explanations, tips, and diagnostic feedback covering the CPA examination are included.

Another publisher of print materials: Bisk
Bisk also offers a series of four separate titles to help prepare for the exam

title is listed in CUNY+ as CPA review.Auditing & attestation.
Tampa, FL : Bisk Publishing, c2003-, but the other volumes have slightly differences with the titles and publishers, based on prior years.

For 2008/2009:

Auditing and Attestation HF 5661.C6722 2008/2009 Reserves 2nd floor
Business Environment & Concepts - HF 5661 .C6772 2008/2009 Reserves 2nd floor
Financial accounting and reportsin- HF 5661 .C7245 2008/2009 Reserves 2nd floor
Regulation HF 5661 .C6735 2008/2009 Reserves 2nd floor

Please let me know if you have any questions. Rita

Past issues of these serials are also available and in reserves.

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