Friday, March 24, 2006

FARS handout being added to Electronic Reserves

The FARS handout that I have developed for my short FARS workshops is being added to Electronic Course Reserves. It will be listed under my last name, Ormsby, as instructor, and also in REF 0000, which has a number of reserve items. (A print copy of the Powerpoint presentation I prepared to search FARS Online, the version that some students have access through their textbooks, is available in REF 0000. It is also available on Blackboard under the Accounting Department's web site.) I thank Barbara Carrel for the suggestion.

I learned of one specific assignment using FARS this week. It is the Worldwide Wires case. The students have two questions about how the company should recognize revenue. A place to start might be in the Current Text, General Standards, R75 Revenue Recognition. I heard that another assignment is to deal with pension accounting. The Current Text, General Standards, have several standards relating to pensions. That's as far as I can help.

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