Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How to report CUNY+ union catalog display problem

In an e-mail message on CULIBS today, Roland Samieske at the CUNY Office of Library Services offered these instructions for how we should report to him any instance where we were searching the local catalog in CUNY+ and were suddenly given union catalog search results instead of the local catalog results:
So far, 5 different CUNY libraries have reported the same problem. I have a trouble ticket open with ExLibris on this. At the moment, they ask me for "scenarios" that illustrate the problem (i.e. they're asking for a lot of detail).

Can you e-mail me the different steps you're going through until you notice this problem?

For example, you might send me the following:

1. I connect to CUNY+ with the URL
2. I'm in my local catalog
3. I do a keyword in title search for "mombasa"
4. The result list is from the union catalog (i.e. the page header says "CUNY Union Catalog") etc.

In addition, also send your workstation's IP address (you can get this from
Send your comments to Roland at ROLBH@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU.

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