Thursday, June 26, 2008

Exchange rates and Consumer Price Index assignment

There is a class with a two part assignment requiring (1) monthly average exchange rates for several countries for multiple years (2) Consumer Price Index for several countries for multiple years.

The following resources are helpful for this data:

(1) WRDS - for monthly exchange rates.
After connecting, choose "Federal Reserve Bank Reports". In the new page on the left you will see a heading for "Foreign Exchange Rates"; click on "Data" directly below. When selecting countries and years, change the frequency from "daily" to "monthly".

(2) WDI: World Development Indicators - for Consumer Price Index.
You need to select the countries, series (Consumer Price Index), and time (years). For the CPI, click on the Series tab and then click on "Exchange rates and prices" for the topic. You will see your options change in the box to the right. CPI will be listed first for you to select.

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Stephen Francoeur said...

Today, I had both chat reference and desk reference questions for this CPI data. Using WDI I was able to get the numbers for all the countries the students needed except one: Taiwan. The only place I was able to find that data is from this page that the government of Taiwan maintains.