Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recent book acquisitions

I thought I would highlight some of the new books that are coming through. These are more or less random choices but I am trying to cover all areas, we are really getting some interesting material! They'll hit circulation tomorrow afternoon.

Ogden Nash: the life and work or America's laureate of light verse, by Douglas M. Parker (PS 3527 .A637 Z79 2005). Parker follows Nash's life from infancy to death, frequently interspersing Nash' s own verses (there is a 4 page Table of Poems). A bibliography of primary and secondary sources and a number of pictures make this a very useful source for anyone working on Nash.

Trust and honesty: America's business culture at a crossroads, by Tamar Frankel (KF 9351 .F73 2006). Pondering on the the recent business scandals of Enron, WorldCom and more, Frankel, a professor of law at Boston University, invites the reader to examine the state of trust and honesty in American business. What happens to society when deception seems pervasive? And how can we stop this trend? Extensive notes and bibliography.

Dragons at your door: how Chinese cost innovation is disrupting global competition, by Ming Zeng and Peter J. Williamson (HC 427.95 .Z424 2007). According to the authors, the real "Chinese threat" doesn't come from the "cheap, low-quality imitations flooding world markets" but from the ways in which they have been able to harness technology at low cost, offer a an incredibly high number of product choices, even for mass-market products, while also offering specialty products at dramatically lower prices.

Islamic law and the challenges of modernity, edited by Yvonne Y. Haddad and Barbara F. Stowasser (KBP 144 .I83 2004). With globalization, there are an increasing number of clashes between Islamic and Western laws. The authors start by looking at Islamic law from historical and regional views. The book is then divided in two parts, the first one looking at modern legal reforms in the Arab world, and the second examining the impact of these reforms on women specifically. Included are a substantial bibliography and a glossary of terms.

The impact of women in Congress, by Debra L. Dodson (HQ 1236.5 .U6 D63 2006). Looking specifically at the 103rd and 104th Congress, and at three specific areas (women's health, reproductive rights, and health care policy), Dodson examines the complex interactions between women's presence and impact and the institutions they work in. The author conducted a number of interviews and a number of tables appear throughout the book, as well as an extensive bibliography.


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