Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips for Contacting the BCTC Help Desk

If you need to contact the BCTC Help Desk (x1010) while working reference, please keep in mind the following:
  • The BCTC home page has a "Help Desk Alerts" section that you may want to check first to see if the problem you're reporting has already been noted
  • When you report a problem to the help desk, the staff there logs your problem into a ticketing system. Please ask for the ticket number so that when you or someone else calls back for followup, you can refer to the original ticket number.
  • If you post a message to the reference blog about the problem, include the ticket number in your post if your problem resulted in your calling the BCTC help desk.
  • Although Saad and Arthur automatically receive copies of all blog posts via email, you may also want to call Saad's staff or submit your request also to the library's own help desk system (there's a link to it on the toolbar of all reference desk PCs). Indicate to Saad's staff that you've already contacted BCTC and provide the ticket number. You should know that any problem reported to the online help desk system for the library is automatically routed via email to Saad and his staff.
In reviewing this blog post before I published it today, Arthur reminded me of BCTC's plans to launch a searchable knowledgebase for tech issues. Christian Keck from BCTC spoke to the IS Division about this project a number of months ago and invited us to help contribute content related to library technology when the system is ready.

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