Monday, June 23, 2008

Psychology assignment

An assignment for a psychology class (Prof. Kehn) requires students to research the history of the Psychology Department at Baruch. The department's website does not provide historical information. I suggested the following to a few students (to see how courses have changed emphasis, faculty have changed, events, etc.):
  • The Ticker Digitized Archives- (Choose Digital Collections, then click on "The Ticker" in the right sidebar)
  • Lexicon yearbook - Ref. LD 331.B66457 L4
  • Undergraduate Bulletins - Ref. LD 331.B66428 B37
The assignment is due Wednesday, June 25th.

Any other suggestions?

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Rita said...

Perhaps searching the NYT historic for mentions of either "psychology
department of Baruch College" or
Baruch College w/s psychology department,or Baruch College w/s psychology professor, or searching ERIC and
Web of Science and psychology journals authored by Baruch professors.