Thursday, January 24, 2008

Additional Observations on "Serious Students" Panel

1. All four students were incredibly articulate, bright, earnest.

2. Adriana in particular was very precise in how she thinks chat reference is most useful -- for quick, directional questions. Also, I believe she observed that books age very quickly and the Find It feature is cumbersome for students to use.

3. Kenneth made the profound observation that "there is nothing 'common' about common sense."

4. The number one problem in the library was student noise. This confirms various survey data and raises questions about what we can do about it.

5. Transfer students are really out of the loop in terms of library orientation.

6. We need greater publicity and promotional efforts to make students aware of existing services and resources.

7. Professors need to be encourage to model research strategies to students and to emphasize the importance, value of the library.

8. Clubs are an important, underutilized venue for communicating library information and instruction.

9. Students need more instructional opportunities linked to advanced level classes (perhaps we need to publicize the possibility of student-initiated requests for niche-workshops.


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