Monday, January 28, 2008

re: The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Tradition : a brief introduction to its life and spirituality

There have been calls and email reference questions about this book today. It is available only in Brooklyn College's special collections. Columbia University has it on order. So, I have suggested to the students to request the professor to ask the library to purchase it, try interlibrary loan (checking Worldcat, a few other libraries have the book), and contact Brooklyn College library about access to their special collections. The book's ISBN 83-85368-98-1 doesn't show up as being available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble. It was published in Paris, so purchasing a copy might take some time.


I heard from the Brooklyn College library about the hours for their special collection.

BB students can make an arrangement with Special collection (718) 951-5346 and use the book at any time convenient for them. Regular hours of Special collection are 9-5pm M-F.

I hope this helps to accommodate the students somehow. The book is part of the Hess Collection. Hess was one of the BC presidents and left a huge donation to the library (his book collection and money gift). His research was on the African countries from the Horn of Africa and Special collection continues collect books on these countries.

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