Thursday, January 31, 2008

New feature on S&P NetAdvantage: Interactive stock reports

Standard & Poor's has added a new feature, interactive stock reports, to their Net Advantage database.

One feature that will be helpful for students is Analyze This Stock, with four components: company value, peer comparison, risk assessment and company news. An interactive overview is available.

To reach the interactive stock reports, S&P provides these instructions (from their monthly newsletter):

To use this service, go to your S&P NetAdvantage database, and:
* select a company by ticker or name,
* select "Interactive" in the left-hand column listed under
Stock Reports.
* Once the "Interactive" report is open, select from the
left-hand column to move through a step by step
process of analyzing that company (Each link the user
selects opens a new on-screen review of how that
factor influences the analyst's evaluation of that

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