Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About reporting computer problems in Classrooms 130 and 135

Dear Colleagues,

We realize that our exchange of comments on the blog on Monday and Tuesday might have left you puzzled. So, after further discussion, and better thinking because of a cooler office (thanks to the new fan), we would like to offer the following:

If there is a computer related problem in a classroom, please call the systems office (1640) for immediate help, or submit a library Helpdesk request to systems if it is something that can wait until the class is complete. (Note from Rita: I forgot to do this. I have apologized to Saad and the systems staff for my oversight, especially after posting to the blog about problems. It's lame but I don't think well a lot of times, but especially not when I'm hot.)

Please also blog about the problem so that others, who will be using the classroom, will know of the problem. (Include that you have alerted systems to the problem.)

The number on the computers to report to systems is the four digits number found on the side of the CPU on embossed label next to CUNY barcode. First digit indicates floor.

The two digit numbers on the computer monitors in Rm 135 are not systems’ numbers, they were probably added by the summer camp instructor. They will be removed.

The port for the computer that was not logging in is being reset by BCTC.

Saad and Rita

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