Friday, October 10, 2008

Global Industry Surveys on S&P NetAdvantage

We now have access to Standard & Poor's Global Industry Surveys in NetAdvantage. These reports cover three regions: Europe, Asia and Latin America. They follow the same format as the U.S. Industry Surveys and include the list of competitors in each sector, in this case sub-divided by country.

Industry coverage varies by region. Only three industry sectors: banking, wireless telecom and oil and gas, are provided for Latin America. Two industries, computer hardware and consumer electronics are unique to Asia and the aerospace and defense industry is unique to Europe. Reports are available for 23 industries in both Europe and Asia. These industries are advertising, airlines, autos and auto parts, banking, biotechnology, boradcasting and cable, chemicals, construction and engineering, electric utilities, foods and nonalcoholic beverages, healthcare-pharmaceuticals and products and supplies, industrial machinery, insurance- life & health and property/casualty, publishing, real estate, retailing-specialty, supermarkets and drugstores, telecommunications-wireless and transportation.

You will find the Global Industry Surveys under the "Industry" tab.

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