Thursday, October 09, 2008

CreditWeek Now Available in S&P NetAdvantage

Standard & Poor’s has added CreditWeek to the list of publications available through its NetAdvantage portal. This weekly news magazine covering the global credit markets is available for all issues since 2006. All issues are in PDF format. The best way to access CreditWeek is to open the “Company” tab (at the top of the home page) and scroll down to the CreditWeek banner and its pull-down menu of issues.

Why would you want to use CreditWeek? CreditWeek covers credit market trends in-depth. These articles focus on specific credit instruments, the credit situation in specific countries or, a favorite of corporate librarians, an analysis of credit quality in an industry sector. Look at their analysis of the oil and gas industry in the August 27th issue. Often there are special issues like the recent ones devoted to the Housing Markets (September 24th) and Resurgent Russia (September 17th). Each issue includes the “Credit Spotlight,” short articles on recent rating actions, and the last piece in most issues is the “Featured Analysis,” an in-depth examination of the credit quality of a corporate issuer like Chrysler (September 17th) or a sovereign issuer like Brazil (October 8th).

Although each issue opens with a detailed table of contents, there is no index to the issues and the NetAdvantage “search” does not return results from CreditWeek. One work around is to use the Standard and Poor’s website which includes a browsable list of every issue from January 2006.

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