Friday, October 17, 2008

Red States Blue States Contest !

The library will be hosting a contest for the 2008 election, where students can compete to win a $270 gift certificate to the bookstore (a candidate needs to have at least 270 electoral votes to win). The contest will run from Weds 10/22 to Fri 10/31. Students will use the library's Red State Blue State exhibit to learn about the election process, and can participate in the contest by doing two things:

  • Taking a 10 question quiz on the electoral college that is available on Blackboard. Students will login in to a special Red States Blue States group where they can access the full contest rules (available now) and the quiz (available starting Oct 22nd).


  • Using the interactive map on page 7 of the exhibit to make their prediction of how they think the election will turn out. Students will then print out their map (it need not be in color), write their name, email, and phone number on it, and will submit it in a ballot box that we'll keep at the reference desk.

The ballot box will only be available when the reference desk is open, from the 22nd to the 31st. At the end of the night, whoever is working will need to take the box and place it in the reference office so that it is locked up for the night. The map-ballots will be removed and date stamped the next morning, and the empty box will be returned to the desk by 9am. The person working the first morning shift need not do anything - the ballots and box will be taken care of. We'll have to make special provisions for the weekend - stay posted for details.

An announcement and flier about the contest with the basic rules is available on the news portion of the library's website. The contest is open to Baruch undergraduate and graduate students (with the exception of library employees) who are currently enrolled and working towards a degree, but anyone can login to Blackboard and join the Red States Blue States group (if you were interested in seeing the complete rules). If students have any questions, you can refer them to the flier and blackboard.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.


Frank said...

Just a reminder that the election contest is underway. If you are working the 6pm-9pm shift, please take the ballot box by the stairwell and place it in the reference office suite when you close at 9pm. If you don't have your own key, there is a key in the locked drawer at the reference desk (the same key chain that has the key to the printer paper cabinets).

Frank said...

If You're working this weekend 10/25 and 10/26:

Please place the map ballot box (which will be tucked in front of one of the reference desk chairs) on the table by the staircase when you open in the morning. When you close for the day, please remove the ballots from the box and place them in the gray, dated envelope in the locked drawer. Then place the empty box back under the desk in front of one of the chairs.