Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UN launches audiovisual library of international law

The following was just posted on the SLA-NY listserv and I thought it might be very helpful for students and faculty.

"Today, the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs launched the Audiovisual Library of International Law. This website has three main parts:
The Historic Archives present documents, photos, and digital film
footage relating to the UN role in the development of international

The Lecture Series contains lectures by leading scholars on topics in
international law, and includes a bibliography of related materials;

The Research Library provides links to other web-based research
resources in international law, including other UN sources, national
treaty series, and selected scholarly articles provided by HeinOnline
(?still in pilot/beta).

The Audiovisual Library aims to provide free, scholarly resources to students and practictioners around the world, particularly in regions where there are few resources for the study of international law."

(Regarding HeinOnline, I had a request earlier this year by a faculty member for articles he had found on HeinOnLine, a fee based service. We had access already to many of the articles through our databases; two others were obtained via ILL. I realize that may not be the case for many users of the UN audiovisual library.)

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