Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Identifying Corporate Officers

There have been several question lately at the desk and through e-mail from students wanting a list of all CFO's or all Investor Relations Officers or all the names of officers in another type of corporate management position. Peggy and Linda and I tested a few databases looking for the best one to answer this type of question. Mergent Online in their Executive Search tab allows searching by job function but you must type in all variations of the job title.

A better source is the Corporate Affiliations database. Use their advanced search page. When you search by job title they actually pull all jobs together with a "value" or number regardless of the the title used. This means that when you put in the value for Investor relations you will be searching for all the investor relations personnel regardless of whether they are VP's, managers, directors, etc. You can limit your results to public or private companies and parent or subsidiaries. Results can be downloaded into Excel. You can save either the company list or the "people" list. The people list includes name, title, company name, address, phone & fax, company URL and corporate e-mail address as well as a sales figure and the number of employees in the company.


Rita said...

Audit Analytics may also be used to identify corporate officers. I checked a few companies by name and the CFO is listed, as well as when the position was assumed by the individual. This database also indicates corporate interlocks (whether an officer/director serves on other boards of another corporation.)

Audit Analytics also publishes reports, to which we have access.
(Look under Reports.) There is one from July 2008 Trends in CEO and CFO Changes, that might be very helpful for the students. I didn't read it all but it cites a number of other resources.

Rita said...

I would also suggest, which has a topic "CFOs on the move" which lists CFO changes by week, and has a backfile and allows one to set up an alert for changes. The short articles usually indicate where the new CFO was previously.

CFO is available through several databases but I get the alerts throughout the day (of articles, not changes.)

Another source through 20007 for CFO is the Corporate Library, available via WRDS. CFOs, and other corporate officers, may be identified by name, age, tenure, company and other criteria.

Rita said...

I found a better way to use Audit Analytics for this question. Sign on and select D&O from the options to search.

You can filter by position (note Postion box that opens). You can select different options, CEO, CFO, COO, Director and Audit Committee, and filter on different criteria such as appointed, deceased, etc. and also filter on other criteria--market cap, industry, location, etc.)

You can select different time periods. The data starts in June 2005. If you do no filtering and just select CFO as the position, there are more than 3,000 entries that are in an Excel spreadsheet
that may be downloaded.

I met briefly with the graduate student who is doing this research. They apparently want to go back a number of years. I suggested that she read through the report and sources on the recent Audit Analytics report for potential sources. I showed her too, and how to search for
8k filings on Thomson Research and limit the search to CFO changes using keywords. (She was going to do this herself.)