Monday, October 27, 2008

Computer problem in Room 135 during workshop and question about access to RefWorks on the classroom computers

Yesterday during a workshop in Room 135 students using computer 13 were unable to connect to the Internet. I wanted to report this problem. Computer 10 also initially had a problem but we were able to connect once the computer was rebooted.

The graduate tax students, who will have a paper to research and write for their course, were interested in RefWorks, which I was able to demonstrate very briefly and with some trouble. Most, but not all the students, were unable to view the RefWorks screen where they can log on for the first time and create their own accounts. The screen did not indicate it was RefWorks for CUNY-Baruch College. This did appear on some of the classroom computers. When I first used the instructor's computer,via Firefox I was able to log on, but RefWorks went directly to my list of references, so I was unable to demonstrate how to create a folder, the tutorials, etc.

If there is a solution, I told the students I would email them. They were very happy to see that this database is available for their use. They thought it would save a lot of time.

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