Friday, October 10, 2008

The Credit Crunch on Bloomberg

Bloomberg has added many new data pages to its coverage of the credit crisis. For a list of their pages on the worldwide credit crunch, type WWCC-GO. You will see data on "Bank Losses" including details on individual bank write-downs and amount of capital raised. Bloomberg is also tallying the number of jobs lost at these banks.

For an overview of the credit crunch, type CCRU-GO. This page includes the short selling restricted list at SSR-GO. Credit defaults are at CXE-GO.

Use EXPO-GO for a list of companies exposed to short term rollover and interest rate risk. The top corporate bond issuers and the top government entities are ranked based on the value of their debt maturing in the next 30 days.

Students needing definitions of the many new structured products will find them at SND-GO.

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