Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beta Testing a Factiva Search 2.0 Interface

It's hard to tell just what Factiva is up to at the moment, but yesterday a button labeled "Try Factiva Search 2.0 Beta" was added in the upper left corner of the search interface. As I learned from this article on the "InfoToday" website, Factiva is testing out an interface aimed at the less-sophisticated researcher. What's not entirely clear to me is what Factiva will do with the results of the beta testing of this new interface. The InfoToday article suggests that some features from the beta may be incorporated into a new Factiva interface:
But, assuming the company responds to users’ comments and suggestions, the preview period should result in welcome improvements. A Factiva spokesperson said the company would not give a specific timeframe for the length of the beta but expects it to last for at least several months. According to a letter sent to customers: “After a larger amount of customer feedback is evaluated, the Beta will conclude and some or all of Search 2.0 will be integrated into various Factiva products. Additionally, other new capabilities that provide our customers with competitive advantages will be introduced via other Beta environments throughout 2006.”

Anyway, give it a test run and send some feedback about it to Factiva.

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