Friday, January 06, 2006

Company-to-industry comparison reports

If you want to run a report that will compare the ratios of a particular company to those of the industry it is a part of, you can still do that in Factiva. As noted in Louise's posting today about recent changes to Factiva, the content has changed, but some of the same reports can still be run.

Here's the new path in Factiva to the "ratio comparison report."
  1. Click "Companies/Markets"
  2. On the "Companies/Markets" page that opens, select "Company" from the set of links in the upper left corner (Quotes | Charting | Company).
  3. On the "Get Company Snapshot" page, you can search by company name, ticker symbol, or RIC number.
  4. Run your search and select the company from your search results (if you search by company name, you are likely to see subsidiaries as well as the parent company).
  5. From the company snapshot page that opens, select "Reports" from the vertical list of links on the far left (Snapshot | News| Financial Results | Reports | Build a Report).
  6. From the "Reports" page, select "Ratio Comparison Report."
  7. You should now see a page with a table comparing the company's ratios to industry ratios.

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