Thursday, January 26, 2006

Copy machines

Please remember that copy machines are set on a timer, and turn off once idle for two hours.
If a patron needs to use a machine, they will need to turn the machine on. (Sometimes patrons assume the machines are not operational, or are afraid to turn them on.)

Refunds for copy machines:
If amount lost is $1 or less: Fill out a refund slip (in drawers at the front of the reference desk) and send the patron to the Circulation Window for the refund. The Social Security number of the patron does NOT need to be added to the slip.

Amount lost is more than $1: Patron should contact Annette Ruiz first (X1655, room 420). If Annette is not able to help patron, she will have patron contact Copico at 800-726-COPY to request a refund.

Sometimes, Brian Barry can make refunds, too, or help with Copy Cards that don't work.

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