Monday, January 02, 2006

Consumer Expenditure Survey from Census Bureau

The CE is a useful source of data regarding household expenditures in the NY metro area for rent, entertainment and food. Comparisons are available on a regional and national basis.
From a recent press release:

How much Americans spend for health care, groceries, clothing, transportation, housing and other items. The Consumer Expenditure (CE) Survey program consists of two separate surveys:
The CE Interview Survey — 7,500 households interviewed once every three months to obtain data on relatively large expenditures and also for those that occur on a regular basis (such as rent and utilities).
The CE Diary Survey — Over the year, another 7,500 households will keep two consecutive one-week diaries of all purchases — including small, frequently purchased items that are normally difficult for respondents to recall later (such as toothpaste, bread or a hamburger from a fast-food restaurant).
Provides a snapshot of our nation’s economy and spending habits. Government economists use the survey results to update a “market basket” of goods and services for the Consumer Price Index, our nation’s single most widely used measure of inflation.
“Data from the CE enable policymakers to evaluate consumer needs, measure the impact of governmental policies on families and track changes in consumer spending trends.”

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