Thursday, January 26, 2006

Instruction mailing list

The Instruction Section of ACRL hosts a moderately busy mailing list, ILI-L, devoted to "information literacy instruction." This list is the successor to the earlier BI-L list that is now defunct. From the ILI-L home page on the ACRL site, here are the instructions for subscribing:

To subscribe send the text:

subscribe ILI-L your firstname yourlastname
in the body of the message to:


Diane said...

I wonder, since several of us are on this list (which I would characterize as more than "moderate" traffic), if someone would "volunteer" to pick out the "gems" and forward to the rest/some of us??? We could also consider doing this for others lists.....Just a thought!

Stephen Francoeur said...

I like the idea. I closely follow the Web4Lib, Usability4Lib, Dig_Ref, and Electronic Resources for Libraries lists and will keep my eyes peeled for good stuff to repost here. There are also a number of great blogs by librarians that I follow that I sometimes post about here. You can see that list of librarianship-themed blogs I follow at

Stephen Francoeur said...

I take back what I said about the list being moderately busy. It is, in fact, very busy.