Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Context and Comparisons Digital Resource-remote access

Context and Comparisons, the digital resource used by Eng 2800 or 2850, is accessible off campus by inputting the 14 digit (21716...) library number. (i.e., restricted access).

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Stephen Francoeur said...

Until we get the new website up and running later this spring, here's the click path for getting to Contexts and Comparisons:

(1) library home page
(2) "Information Resources" page
(3) "Digital Collections" link
(4) Scroll down page to "Documents" section, where the "Contexts and Comparisons" link is last

or...steps (1)-(3) and then look for the 'C_N_C" link in blue section of the far left side of the "Information Resources" page.