Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Factiva changes, recap

To recap what Louise and others have pointed out, Factiva recently made following

A Whole New Way to Look at Search – Preview Coming Soon
On January 17, Factiva subscribers will get a preview of the future of business research.
Factiva’s newest generation of capabilities deliver search results that take you far beyond a list of headlines. Factiva Search 2.0, based on innovative discovery technologies, offers significantly more powerful filtering, impressive results visualization, and enhanced navigational tools that help eliminate the paralyzing problem of information overload.
A preview version of Search 2.0 with Factiva Discovery Technology will be available to all subscribers on or about January 17, 2006, and will be available until March 25. It’s accessed by clicking on a link within that launches a new browser window. If you decide not to try the preview, your familiar experience will not be affected.
After the Search 2.0 preview concludes, and we’ve had a chance to evaluate customer feedback, some or all of Search 2.0 will be integrated into various Factiva products. We’ll also introduce preview versions of other new capabilities throughout 2006.
Early customer feedback indicates that Factiva Search 2.0 dramatically improves the way users find and understand business information. Your results are still based on Factiva’s superior collection of business sources, but the way you see them is far more useful.
What’s new is the way the technology automates an extremely labor-intensive function. It widens your vision by relating your search results to the bigger picture; at the same time, it sharpens your focus by finding hidden connections, relationships, and ideas deep within your search results.
Highlights of the new Search 2.0 experience:
The smarter search uses normal language but returns relevancy results based on a Web relevancy algorithm. The new search bar also accepts complex Boolean search strings with equally relevant results. No new learning or retraining necessary!
Your search results are organized into logical clusters by subjects, companies, industries, sources and news concepts using Factiva’s unique intelligent filters—making your results easier to digest and understand.
Highly intuitive and visual interactive navigation gives you a new perspective on your search by easily linking to articles groups
Contextual "snippets" help you quickly determine the relevancy of an article.

Please contact your ProQuest representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Based upon a recent customer usage study, Facttiva has reviewed their company information products in order to ensure that they continue to offer the right content and functionality in support of our customers’ information needs. This review has resulted in a planned realignment of Companies/Markets offering an improved public company information experience for subscribers with a streamlined interface.
Available on or about December 10th, these changes strengthen Factiva’s company information offering by expanding coverage of public companies to more than 31,000 companies, while also improving the user experience with a more intuitive design.
Streamlined Company Quick Search
Company Quick Search within the Companies/Markets area of will now feature:
The addition of Reuters Fundamentals as the provider of global public company information, replacing CoreData
More robust company snapshots that will allow linking to additional company snapshots from peer comparison lists, a functionality originally developed for Factiva Companies & Executives
Removal of Hoover’s Content
Hoover’s content will be removed from Factiva in December. This content consists of public and very limited private company data found in Companies/Markets and Company Quick Search.
With the removal of Hoover’s content, Factiva will be expanding their coverage within Companies/Markets with:
Additional 5,000+ public companies provided by Reuters Fundamentals, including detailed business descriptions, bringing total company coverage to more than 31,000 global public companies
Beginning in December, private company data will no longer be available within Companies/Markets, however, news for private companies will still be available through existing search functionality.

(Source: Proquest announcements)

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